Current ABET Planning Documents

Several changes are being made to the planning documents, effective Fall 2018, to reflect the new student outcomes for computing and engineering programs. The current draft planning documents are on the "ComputerSci Dept" campus Office365 group under the ABET folder. You will need to log in to your campus Office365 account through a web browser to access this group. It is located under the Sharepoint tab. If you are a faculty member who does not have access to this group, see the department chair to be added to the group.

The updated planning documents will be posted here once they are finalized and approved by the department.

Approved by Department during Fall 2018 meeting (effective Spring 2019):

Computer Science: New CMPS Semester Assessment Plan - 1-6 Outcomes.pdf

Electrical and Computer Engineering: New ECE Semester Assessment Plan - 1-7 Outcomes.pdf

Older (Archived) ABET Planning Documents

The initial planning document (Fall 2012) is all_abet.pdf.

Updated engineering assessment plan (developed 2014/15, effective Fall 2015): MatrixByPerformanceIndicator_timings.pdf

Updated engineering rubrics (developed 2014/15): PerformanceIndicatorRubrics_v2.pdf (Excel file)

Semester engineering assessment plan (effective Fall 2016): Semester_MatrixByPerformanceIndicator_Final.pdf

Semester computer science assessment plan (effective Fall 2016): CMPS Semester Assessment Plan - 3a-k Outcomes.pdf

Syllabus Instructions

All course coordinators should develop a 2 page short syllabus for the courses assigned to them. Most core courses should have two people assigned as coordinators. You can work out which of the two people develop the syllabus. Most elective courses do not have a coordinator team, so you are the course coordinator for all of your regular elective courses.

The 2 page limit is just for purposes of ABET Appendix A. For the actual course, you would add sections to the short syllabus to create the course syllabus. For example, you would add sections with your office hours and contact information, course policies, assignment submission guidelines, grading policies, exam dates, and so on. The course syllabus can be longer than 2 pages.

Syllabus templates:
HTML template (see example for CMPS 376)
Word DOC template (see example for ECE 332)
TEX template (see example for CMPS 312)

The HTML template contains all of the department's performance indicators for both EAC and CAC. You can use that to copy and paste the appropriate performance indicators to your syllabus.

Current representative syllabi for CMPS and ECE courses:
Quarter System
Semester System

Course Binder Instructions

There are two types of course binders: (1) course that is currently being assessed this quarter for one or more ABET outcomes according to assessment schedule ("assessment binder") and (2) course that is not being assessed this quarter but is part of the regular curriculum ("portfolio binder").

Course binders must be collected for all courses scheduled for assessment in the current term.

Every course must have one portfolio binder per assessement cycle, which is every 6 years. Typically, these are created for the last course offering before the ABET site visit is planned.

All course binders must contain:

Assessment binders for courses currently assessing an ABET outcome must also contain: Senior Project assessment binders must additionally contain: Optional materials for course binders: ABET does not require student names for the course binders, and recommendations are to redact any identifying information (e.g. names, student ID numbers, Sleipnir login names, etc.) from the binder. Identifying information can be (and should be) whited-out, marked out, or otherwise obscured when making copies of student work for the course binders. The department office has stickers with the major name on them that you can also use for redacting. Assessment reports should likewise not identify specific students. However, it is not a violation of FERPA if you should forget or overlook redacting a student's name from the student work.
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